Club UEFA Coefficient For The Current Season

On this page you’ll find the UEFA coefficient, for clubs in the current season 2019/2020.

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What is The UEFA Club Coefficient All About?

The Coefficient for the current season of clubs, is only one piece of a much bigger mechanism that runs all UEFA operations. In of itself this ranking is all that important. It gives us, at a glance, the idea of who is doing better in the current season.

Although by itself this chart isn’t all that important, when summed to the rankings acrued in the past seasons it starts making much more sense. Each single season’s coefficient, is in fact at the end of each campaign summed to those of the past seasons to create the overall ranking. UEFA looks at the club ranking in groups of 5 years to then lay out the 4 pots used to draw teams into the Europa League and Champions League groups.

How Does The Points System Work?

Each team that qualifies to a UEFA cup competition is entitled to accrue points for their season coefficient. Here’s how the seasonal points system works.

In this table only points accrued in the group and knock out stage are taken into account. Points a team might gather in the qualifying rounds aren’t taken into account for the seasonal coefficient. For each win in the group stage of the Champions League and Europa League teams will be awarded 2 points, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

Teams are also awarded bonus points. 4 bonus points are awarded to the 32 teams that participate in the Champions League group stage. No bonus points are awarded to teams that participate in the Europa League. Extra 4 bonus points are awarded to the 16 teams that make through to the Champions League round of 16.

Another 1 extra point is awarded to all teams that participate in each knock out stage of the Champions League. Regarding the Europa League teams they will get awarded 1 extra point for reaching Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final of the competition. No bonus points are awarded for participating to the group stage. There is 1 condition though that is specific to the Europa League teams, they cannot accrue less than 3 point in the competition. So if they were to lose all they group stage matches they’d still be granted this minimum amount of points.

Keep in mind that these points are calculated differently compared to the national UEFA Coefficient.