Premier League Standings

SquadraGiocateVintePareggiatePerseGF GSDRPunti
Man. City18115231131838
Man. United19124336251140
West Brom1925121543-2811
West Ham199552722532
Crystal P.196582233-1123
Aston Villa1682629181126

The Premier League Teams

The Teams Participating in the English Premier League in 2019/2020: Liverpool, Manchester City F.C., Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Federico Chiesa, Manchester United F.C., Arsenal, Leicester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Everton F.C., Watford, West Ham United, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Burnley, Newcastle United, Southampton, Brighton, Sheffield United, Norwich City, Aston Villa.

How Does The Premier League Work?

Surprisingly the Premier League is one of the “youngest” leagues in Europe. The modern Premier League was born in 1992 when the 22 teams of the First Division decided to break ties with the Football League. This was due to an economic clash between parts. The solution for this situation was the birth of a new league, which mantained the same format and structure of its predecessor.

Inside The Empty Etihad Stadium in Manchester
Inside The Empty Etihad Stadium in Manchester

20 teams take part in each Premier League season. The top 4 teams are granted access to the following year Champions League. Fifth, Sixth and Seventh (or the winner of the FA Cup) are granted access to the Europa League. The last 3 classified teams will be relegated to League One, the English second division.

Premier League Wins Record

Who’s Won More EPLs

  1. 20 Wins Manchester United F.C.
  2. 19 Wins Liverpool
  3. 13 Wins Arsenal
  4. 8 Wins Everton F.C.
  5. 7 Wins Aston Villa
  6. 6 Wins Sunderland
  7. 6 Wins Chelsea
  8. 6 Wins Manchester City F.C.
  9. 4 Wins Newcastle United
  10. 4 Wins Sheffield Weds
  11. 3 Wins Huddersfield Town
  12. 3 Wins Wolverhampton Wanderers
  13. 3 Wins Leed United
  14. 3 Wins Blackburn Rovers
  15. 2 Wins Preston
  16. 2 Wins Portsmouth
  17. 2 Wins Burnley
  18. 2 Wins Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
  19. 2 Wins Derby County
  20. 1 Win Sheffield United
  21. 1 Win West Bromwich
  22. 1 Win Ipswich Town
  23. 1 Win Nottingham Forest
  24. 1 Win Leicester City