Juventus Fiorentina And Inter Roma The 2 Big Matches of the 32^ Serie A Round

Without a doubt this week’s two big matches in Italian Football are JuventusFiorentina and Inter MilanRoma. While the first match won’t have much importance on both team’s standings, Inter vs Roma has the potential the be an explosive match.


For Juventus, this is another match point to officially win the Scudetto after their defeat in Ferrara against SPAL. It would be an enormous satisfaction for Juventus fans to win their eighth Scudetto in their home stadium against a historical rival like Fiorentina.

The history between these two teams (in Turin) is one-sided:

  • 53 Wins for Juventus
  • 20 Draws
  • 6 Wins for Fiorentina
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The last time Fiorentina won against Juventus in their home stadium was 11 years ago, the 2nd of March 2008. That match ended 3-2 with Ovaldo’s late winner, that also gave them the chance to play against Europe’s giants in the Champions League.

Inter MilanRoma

Over 5’000 Roma fans are expected at the San Siro stadium in Milan to support their team in a possibly crucial match for Roma’s season.
Roma have recently picked themselves up in the last two matches in a desperate last minute attempt to qualify for the Champions League. Coming from two wins, Roma can only give their best to try and keep their European dream alive.

Inter on the other hand is in a more comfortable position. Not loosing is top priority for Inter, as AC Milan and Lazio are not very far behind. Inter Milan will also be on their top to avoid any last minute hiccups in these final crucial matches of the season.

The history between Inter and Roma at the San Siro sees Roma trailing behind in the scoreboard:

[chart id=”4″]
  • 44 Wins for Inter
  • 26 Draws
  • 15 Wins for Roma

On a sidenote, this weekend of Italian Football will end on Monday night, when Napoli will face Champions League seekers Atalanta at the San Paolo stadium at 7:00 pm.

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