A Preview of the 21st Serie A Matchday

This is the fist episode from my new YouTube channel which is going to complement this site. I’ll be talking about the Serie A and all about the teams that make up the league.

So first of all I wanted to talk about the matches that are in the spotlight this weekend. There are 3 unmissable matches in this matchday of the Italian Serie A:

  • MilanNapoli
  • AtalantaRoma
  • LazioJuventus

All these matches are connect in a way, they all involve teams that are racing one against the other to get a spot in the top 4 placements of the league. It’s crutial for Roma, Lazio and Milan to make it in the first four positions so that they can make it into the Champions League and be able to plan the next season with a lot more money in the bank.

Looking at the transfer market there have been have been some moves. Krzysztof Piątek, who scored 13 goals in the first 19 games of the season, made a move to Milan to replace Gonzalo Higuain who moved to Chelsea. We’ll probably see him at some stage of tonight’s game on the pitch.

Juventus welcomed back for the third time Caceres, who moved back to Turin from Lazio just before the two teams clash in tomorrow’s match.

So that’s about it for this episode make sure to come back soon for the next episodes and the latest news.

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Da sempre un appassionato di calcio, in particolare di Serie A. Sono stato un arbitro di calcio a livello regionale per 3 anni, sviluppando una visione più asettica e imparziale del calcio. Da 5 anni ormai scrivo su Letestedicalcio.it aggiornando curiosità, dati e analisi di partite.


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