Juventus Fiorentina e Inter Fiorentina

Juventus Fiorentina And Inter Roma The 2 Big Matches of the 32^ Serie A Round

19 Aprile 2019

Without a doubt this week’s two big matches in Italian Football are Juventus–Fiorentina and Inter Milan–Roma. While the first match won’t have much importance on both team’s standings, Inter vs Roma has the potential the be an explosive match. Juventus–Fiorentina For Juventus, this is another match point to officially win the Scudetto after their defeat

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I Calendari delle Squadre nella Lotta Champions

13 Aprile 2019

Here we are at the last 7 Serie A match days and the chase for a Champions League is still on for many Serie A teams. Let’s take a look at the upcoming fixtures of Inter, Milan, Atalanta, Lazio, Atalanta and Roma to see which one of these teams could have an easier time securing

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Pronostico Quarti Champions(1)

Champions League Quarter Final First Leg Results

10 Aprile 2019

Yesterday’s match between Tottenham and Manchester City in the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium came to a 1-0 win for the home team. Liverpool had an easier time with Porto, winning 2-0 at home. With these results, Italian football is being left behind in the UEFA Ranking. For the moment, the UEFA Ranking for the 2018/2019

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A Preview of the 21st Serie A Matchday

26 Gennaio 2019

This is the fist episode from my new YouTube channel which is going to complement this site. I’ll be talking about the Serie A and all about the teams that make up the league. So first of all I wanted to talk about the matches that are in the spotlight this weekend. There are 3

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Summer soccer

Some Serie A 3^ Matchday Stats

6 Settembre 2018

Follow @letestedicalcio The national team break has arrived and the first matches of this exciting Serie A 18/19 season have already given managers the chance to spot weak spots to work on during the next two weeks. Who hasn’t scored yet? There are currently two teams that are still at 0 goals. Bologna and Frosinone

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San Siro and the Sky

AC Milan AS Roma The First Home Game at San Siro

30 Agosto 2018

Follow @letestedicalcio Stay up to date Friday evening with our Milan Roma live score. Both Milan and Roma have had little time to think about Friday night’s big clash at the San Siro. The tough beginning for Milan continues after the match against Napoli at the San Paolo. After suffering a burning comeback by Carlo

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stadium seats

Parma Juventus Ronaldo’s Looking for his first Goal

30 Agosto 2018

Follow @letestedicalcio Another great weekend of football is over and Juve managed to escape the clash with Lazio with a 2-0 win, but still no goals for Cristiano Ronaldo. We are now headed towards the third fixture of the 18/19 season of the Serie A and the Portuguese star still has to make his fans

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Pallone Champions League

2018/2019 Champions League Play Off Results

29 Agosto 2018

Follow @letestedicalcio We’ve almost made it to the August highlight of european football, the Champions League draw, but there still are 3 play offs to be played. Last night the first 3 matches of the second leg were played and assinged 3 out of 6 places available in the UCL group stages. Tonight the remaining

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Erba campo di calcio

Napoli Milan Blasts From The Past

24 Agosto 2018

The upcoming matchday will be filled with nostalgia for a number of people in the lines of Napoli and Milan. Starting from Carlo Ancelotti who won 2 Champions Leagues as Milan‘s coach. Pepe Reina will have mixed feelings too, he was a leader of the Napoli up to just months ago. And let’s not forget

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The Champions League Play Off Results and Fixtures

22 Agosto 2018

We’ve finally made our way to the last step of the Champions League qualifying rounds, the play-offs. 12 teams taking each other on to get their hands onto one of those Champions League group stage seats. Last night the first set of 3 games was played, tonight the other 3 will be played to round

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